Criminal lawyers specialize in criminal cases and represent either the state or the party charged with the offence. Indian top criminal lawyers must advocate for their client’s legal rights regardless of which side they are on. Depending on your specialization and region, a career in criminal law may earn you a respectable income. This article will cover how to become a criminal lawyer, as well as the education and training requirements, as well as the functions, responsibilities, and employment roles of the profession.

Brief Overview

An attorney who represents or prosecutes parties involved in criminal matters is known as a criminal lawyer. Criminal law especially regulates behaviour that is deemed dangerous or damaging to the public. This might have to do with the protection of assets or the wellness of the soul. Governments define crimes and inflict punishment for them in order to restrain citizens’ behaviour and make sure they understand the repercussions.

Obligations and responsibilities of the best criminal lawyers in Mumbai

Indian top criminal lawyers have to carry out the following obligations:

  • locating and assembling witnesses
  • doing witness interviews
  • crime scenes and evidence analysis
  • Creating case-specific tactics
  • creating effective defences
  • creating, submitting, and responding to appeals

The best criminal lawyers in Mumbai may also take on “pro bono” matters, in which they serve the public interest without being paid. Criminal defence attorneys may become well-known and the focus of media attention if they handle high-profile cases. They can be required to speak in interviews and make remarks in support of one of their clients in a case.

Becoming A Criminal Lawyer

finish your higher secondary education, then show up for the entrance tests.

You must prepare for and take the law entrance exams toward the end of your 10+2 schooling or later. To be able to enrol in undergraduate courses, you must have received an overall board test grade of between 50 and 60 per cent. Some of the significant tests you should watch out for are as follows:

  • All India Law Entrance Examination,
  • Common Law Admission Test, 
  • Law School Admission Test, 
  • Symbiosis Entrance Test, 
  • Delhi University Law Entrance Exam

Finish an undergraduate course in law

A legal bachelor’s degree from an approved university or college is a requirement. You can accomplish this in one of two ways. A BA LLB degree is an integrated bachelor’s program that also includes arts courses, while an LLB degree concentrates primarily on legal studies. You are qualified to launch your own independent practice or to work for a law firm after completing a bachelor’s degree program. Only on completion can you proceed to the bar exam and be one of the best criminal lawyers in Mumbai

Ace the bar test

To appear in high court or supreme court matters after earning your bachelor’s degree, you must sit for and pass the bar council exam of the relevant jurisdiction. Then if you want you can get a master’s or a doctorate degree in law to become one of the Indian top criminal lawyers.

Get experience 

You should aim to obtain experience working for a reputable criminal attorney or in a law firm during or after your study. For building a successful career in criminal law, field experience and specialization are crucial.