Property matters require legal experts who are also called real estate lawyers. They handle every matter that ranges from assuring goodness of title of property to fair distribution of property among heirs. With the help of the best law firms in Mumbai, the people entangled in property matters can find a good solution. What the various property matters are for which you seek legal intervention? Let’s find out.

  1. Possession Delays: The best lawyer for property disputes can be a source of relief if there are possession delays. When the builders are not able to stick to their commitments, it causes financial issue for the property buyer. So, they can knock the doors of the court and to present their side in the court, they cay approach the best law firms in Mumbai. The lawyers can help them win compensation for the delay caused and can get direction for the builders to pay for the rentals till the time they are not giving possession to the property.
  1. Family Disputes Over Property: Family members get into a dispute when the property is not distributed fairly. Those family members who feel the appropriation is not fair, or if they feel they are lacking something substantial in their share, can challenge the will in the court of law. The best lawyer for property disputes can guide on various routes the complainants can take and the possible results waiting at the end of the road. 
  1. Reading of Will and Related Announcements: When the will is formed, it can be read only in the presence of all family members and by a lawyer appointed for the property matters. The process of reading the will and making related announcements is a legal matter and can be carried out as per the mandate described in the code. The best law firms in Mumbai can be approached for this job; as a result, the family members can ensure fair execution.
  1. Property Settlement: If the property under discussion is an ancestral property, the mandates mentioned in the Hindu Law come into action. The right to ancestral property is established by the virtue of birth. Both the father and son have equal rights and the transfer of title has to be done as the father has guided or as per the provision given in the Law.
  1. RERA Disputes: The property lawyer can be of great help in settling the RERA disputes. The RERA is formed to safeguard the interests of both the property buyers and builders. Property lawyers are well-versed with RERA guidelines and can guide the complainant if the builder is not sticking to those.

To Sum Up,

The lawyers can make the dispute settlement a bit easy process. Their role lies in collecting evidences, preparing documents and presenting the client in the court. They also help in fair division of property among the legal heirs. In case the heirs are not satisfied with the points of the will, they can seek help of property lawyers in challenging the will in the court of Law.