Have you had an encounter with legal troubles and you require a good criminal defense attorney? Well, numerous self-proclaimed lawyers claim to be the best of the lot, but it can be harder to find the perfect criminal lawyer. It is quite difficult to find one who has handled cases similar to yours and resolved them as well. 

An ideal defense attorney will emphasize protecting your legal rights and having proper knowledge of criminal law. You can hire the attorney as an individual or even as a group who has been charged with a specific crime. Today’s discussion is going to encompass the ways to find the top criminal lawyers in Mumbai

Where Should You Look for an Indian Corporate Lawyer?

There are numerous ways to find the best lawyers who can defend you and you can start by visiting the state and local bars. Another way is to go for search engine websites as well as your own personal network. Recommendations can be very helpful, especially for the ones who have hired a defense lawyer in the past and had success with it. 

If you already have had a lawyer beforehand, try to contact them. Even if they have not handled a similar case, you could get some recommendations from that attorney. But before choosing, here are some criteria for you to consider. 

  1. Your budget for the lawyer
  2. Whether you need financial assistance for the case
  3. Type of criminal lawyer that you need
  4. Comfort level to share about the case 
  5. Amount of experience the lawyer has. 

What Should You Ask a Lawyer Before Hiring?

Most of the top criminal lawyers in Mumbai will ask to schedule an appointment whenever you are preparing to consult for a case. A scheduled meeting can be beneficial for potential clients so that the lawyer can evaluate the case and discuss it with you so that you can hire them officially. Here are some of the questions that you might want to ask an Indian Corporate Lawyer before hiring them. 

  1. Is the first consultation free or chargeable?
  2. Is the billing done by the hour or there is a flat fee?
  3. Has the lawyer handled a similar case?
  4. What is the tentative time at which the case can be resolved?
  5. Will the lawyer update the case to clients from time to time?

Try to formulate your own questions around these so that you can get clarity on how good the attorney is.

Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Lawyer

Any good criminal defense lawyer will make you comfortable so that you can share your case with every bit of detail that you know. Sometimes if you cannot choose your own attorney, then they are assigned a specific lawyer by the Public Defender's Office. But it is always a good sign to choose your own lawyer so that your case gets resolved as soon as possible.