If you are in need of a criminal defense attorney, you’re likely facing major criminal charges and need an Indian top criminal lawyer to protect your interests. Well, this is finding a criminal lawyer definitely isn’t something you should do in a rush. Choosing the wrong lawyer to represent you can prove to be a very expensive mistake, and may even cause you to land in prison, depending on the charges. This guide will help you with tips on finding the best lawyers in Mumbai.

  • Get a lawyer experienced in local courts

You must hire a lawyer who’s experienced in the local courts. For instance, if you’re going to fight a case in a Mumbai court, you should hire a lawyer from one of the top criminal law firms in Mumbai. In addition to the lawyer’s familiarity with your local courts, their personal connections can give you a huge advantage too. 

  • Make sure your lawyer is responsive

Remember, losing valuable time while fighting criminal charges can cause you to lose the case. You need a lawyer who is responsive and would work on your case right away. If a lawyer takes too long to respond, it’s usually a red flag and you’d be better off finding a different attorney. This is one of the reasons why you should work with well-established law firms – they have legal teams with sufficient manpower and can ensure a quick response. 

  • Check a lawyer’s track record before hiring

It goes without saying that you need a lawyer who has proven himself over the years. When choosing your defense attorney, go through the track records of each lawyer you’re considering. In addition to checking out their success rate and experience, you also need to consider whether they have handled similar cases before. Hire a lawyer only when you’re satisfied with his/her portfolio. 

  • Make sure there’s a transparent fee structure

As you might be aware, legal expenses can add up quite significantly while fighting a case, especially if the case is long-drawn. Before you hire a lawyer or a law firm, inquire about their fee structure and make sure they’re being transparent with you. Hidden costs can quickly blow the case out of your budget and put you in a tough spot. 

  • Get a knowledgeable lawyer

Last but not the least, you need to get a lawyer who’s truly knowledgeable in criminal law. A good lawyer shouldn’t have to look up the laws every time you ask them a question. While it’s not possible to memorize all the laws, your lawyer should be able to answer your basic questions right away. When meeting a lawyer for the first time, just ask him/her some questions to see how familiar they are with the law. 


If you’re looking for an Indian top criminal lawyer, it’s best to get in touch with a reputable law firm near you. RKS Associate happens to be one of the top criminal law firms in Mumbai, with an excellent track record. They can help you find the best lawyer for your case and back you up with a skilled legal team.